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Forwoods is an independent consultancy company offering a range of services to those seeking professional advice and support in managing woodland.  Established by Matt Brocklehurst, Forwoods aims are to maximize potential benefits to both clients and their

woodlands whilst offering a personalized service.  Forwoods works with a range of clients including private estates; woodland owners; chartered surveyor firms and charitable trusts.

 SERVICES                                               BENEFITS

Services offered to woodland owners by Forwoods are aimed towards those seeking occasional guidance through to those needing a complete management service. Specialisms include:


* Woodland design & creation

* Management plans

* Grant applications

* Woodland management works

* Timber volume assessment

* Timber harvesting & sales

* Tree safety surveys and policies

* Tree health surveys and remedial works


All services will comply with current industry best practice; Health & Safety; and environmental legislation, and will be delivered with the highest integrity and professionalism.


Forwoods understands that every woodland is unique. As such, appropriate management, based on differing client objectives and needs, will be recommended.


Where necessary, works will be delivered only through the use of reputable and competent contractors.

Mr M. Brocklehurst BSc (Hons) MICFor

24 Highfields Close, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicestershire LE65 2FN


T:  01530 414312

M: 07880 493721

E: mbrocklehurst@forwoods.net

Forwoods achieves its aims of benefiting both client and woodland by:


* Maximizing income by grant support, timber sales, and other revenue generating opportunities where appropriate


* Improving the social, economic, and environmental aspects of woodland through the introduction of sustainable management and good silviculture  


* Implementing management to benefit wildlife habitats, the commercial value of woodland, and its timber quality wherever possible


* Maximizing estate values by improving the attractiveness of woodlands and the landscaping of landholdings


* Maximizing tax benefits to clients through the status of owning 'commercial woodlands'


* Enhancing sporting interests to woodlands where shooting and shoot income is a key component


The charity Tree Aid, often referred to amongst industry colleagues as 'The Forester's Charity'  raises monies to be used for sustainable tree planting initiatives in the Sahel region of Africa (Ghana, Ethiopia, Bukina Faso & Mali). More information on the charity can be found at









Tree health is an on-going concern for us all. Ash dieback, sudden oak death, acute oak decline, red band needle blight, great spruce bark beetle, horse chestnut leaf miner and blight, etc. For guidance and advice please make contact.


In Spetember 2015, Matt was elected Honorary Secretary of the Institute of Chartered Foresters Midlands Division.


Forwoods Forestry & Woodland Consultancy Ltd. is now a member of the Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS).

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